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Customized Refractory Solutions

Allied Mineral Technical Services (AMTS) offers value added technical assistance in the critical areas of the Blast Furnace, Hot Blast Stove, and Cupola. The AMTS team has decades of experience in the industry and the support of Allied Mineral Products, a worldwide leader in refractory technology and production.

The AMTS Difference

Our approach to solving refractory problems has been unique and proven to get results because of our hands-on method in the field.

Look through our material and see why we're better at it!


Case Study on Monthic Materials in Hot Blast

The problem:  Failure in the Internal Combustion Chamber of a Hot Blast Stove.  The solution:  Creative ingenuity by our AMTS team.  Click here for an abstract of the paper or email us at for more information.


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