blast furnace

Stack Maintenance

AMTS provides a range of services and technical expertise for stack maintenance in Blast Furnaces.

Shotcrete installation in the Bosch of a Blast Furnace


AMTS provides the following benefits:

  • Material designed for upper bosch and lower bosch
  • Superior installed properties for abrasion resistance, strength, low porosity and alkali resistance
  • Accelerant systems tailored for application requirement


  • Lowest rebound rate in the industry
  • Lengthens the service life of the Blast Furnace linings
  • Allows for rapid repair of carbon and graphite brick
  • High thermal shock resistance compared to any Alumina / SiC systems
  • Very good thermal conductivity
  • Excellent alkali resistance






Silicon Carbide

Density g/cm3

Installation Method

Blast Furnace Stack Maintenance

STACKCRETE® AZS 5R 49.8 18.2 5.1 2.89 Vibration cast, pump
STACKCRETE® G  6.0  -  19.0  1.63 Vibration cast, pump, shotcrete
STACKCRETE® 20V 74.4 5.2 15.1 3.11 Vibration cast, pump
STACKCRETE® 21 70.5 8.1 - 2.80 Vibration cast, pump
STACKCRETE® 62M 61.7 32.8 - 2.45 Vibration cast, pump
STACKCRETE® 608 59.3 28.3 7.9 2.60 Vibration cast, pump