AMTS provides a range of services and technical expertise for Separator maintenance in Cupolas.

AMTS provides the following benefits:

  • Material designed for upper bosch and lower bosch
  • Superior installed properties for abrasion resistance, strength, low porosity, and alkali resistance
  • Accelerant systems tailored for application requirement  

(Product Recommendation name?)

  • Lowest rebound rate in the industry
  • Lengthens the service life of the Black Furnace linings
  • Allows for rapid repair of carbon and graphite brick
  • High thermal shock resistance compared to any Alumina/ SiC systems
  • Very good thermal conductivity
  • Excellent alkali resistance

Separator Products

  • 400 Series Rams
  • Alpha Ram
  • Omega Ram
  • V-CAST® Castables

Air Cooled Separator

  • Cool safety lining with pipes and forced air.
  • Intensify cooling at slag cut line.
  • Reduce repair frequency and material.
  • Reduce break outs.