AMTS proudly supplies refractory products from Allied Mineral Products, Inc.

Allied Mineral offers a variety of refractory system designs that can be supported globally by its sales and service networks. Click here for more information.



Product Solutions


The Durameltz refractory system for cupolas can be used in the melt zone,
taphole, well and seperator.


STACKCRETE® G will improve the heat transfer and increase energy efficiency.

HC3F Grout

HC3F is a multi-purpose, one component, ready mixed clean carbon compound which can be used to bond carbon and graphitic materials

HC4F and HC5F Mortars

AMTS provides a range of services and technical expertise for Casthouse maintenance in Blast Furnaces

Allied Mineral Products

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. is leading global refractory manufacturer. Leading edge technology drives Allied’s product development.