Service is part of Allied Mineral Technical Services’ name, and we take it seriously.

AMTS is dedicated to being FAST, FLEXIBLE , and FOCUSED in providing its clients emergency assistance, problem solving, installation supervision, refractory recommendations and many other auxiliary services such as:

  • Integrated Solutions
  • Refractory systems support
  • Hearth monitoring
  • Hearth modeling
  • Failure diagnostics
  • Furnace operation optimization
  • Advanced engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Cupola services
  • Training




Product Solutions

Engineering and

Engineering design is an integral part of the solutions we develop, and we offer this service for all industries.


Allied Mineral Technical Services’ team meticulously gathers detailed data about a furnaces operating process.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging measures surface temperatures using the infrared spectrum, then creates a temperature map.

Data Analysis

We gather detailed data about a cupola’s operating process, review our analysis of the data with the customer and propose a refractory system that improves melt shop efficiency.


AMTS provides inspections of all different refractory systems. This is done before material is shipped to your site.

Shotcrete Installations


Construction Services

Allied Mineral Technical Services provides on-site supervision during construction of blast furnace hearths and hot blast stoves.

Core Drilling

Allied Mineral Technical Services assists with core drilling.

Training and Education

Staying on the leading edge of refractory technology takes continual education and training.