AMTS offers a unique monolithic lining option for Steel Ladles.

  • Assist customers in Preheating and Dry Outs
  • Refractory wear mechanism
  • Ladle Handling
  • Thermo-Vision training








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Product Solutions

Refractory Selection Services

AMTS  works closely with Allied Mineral Products to provide customized refractory solutions.

Steel Ladles

Allied Mineral Technical Services has team members with prior work experience as ladle operators.

Electric Arc Furnaces

Allied Mineral Technical Services can provide specialized precast, prefired refractory shapes for electric arc furnaces.

Steel Coreless

AMTS also works closely with Allied Mineral Products to provide a complete line of refractories for coreless furnaces melting steel.

Steel Ladles Education and Training

Staying on the leading edge of refractory technology takes continual education and training education and training.